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June 2024 News: Community Contests, Job Searching, and Info on Next Update

Hello there Wildlanders! Very happy to touch base with y’all, and thanks so much for your patience these past months as I’ve maneuvered through my latest chapter. I’ve got three important topics to discuss today, if I may occupy your time!

Help Wanted

First, I’m very excited to announce that I've graduated from the Backend Engineering program at Turing School of Software & Design, and am now voraciously pursuing full-time Backend and Full Stack engineering roles! My hope is to get something stable ASAP, so I can open up time for Wildlander development.

Here, I humbly ask: if you know of any roles looking for a passionate, driven, junior-to-mid level software engineer with proven professional experience in tech, I’d be immensely grateful to connect. My specialties are Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and React, but I pick up new technologies quickly—a skill I owe to Wildlander and Ultimate Skyrim. ;) 

Please don’t hesitate to email me at dylanbperry@gmail.com, or to message me on Discord, Reddit, or Twitter. I’m targeting full-time roles, but am also totally open to part-time roles, contract roles, and internships.

Our First Wildlander Community Contests

Next, we’re immensely stoked to announce our first ever community contests: the Wildlander Writing Contest, and the Wildlander Video Contest! Compete for honor, glory, and ~$ cash money $~ by submitting your most legendary Wildlander tales—either as written stories, or as edited videos.

Your goal is to wow the judges with your skills, by producing an awesome submission that showcases an amazing Wildlander experience. The rest is up to you!

Contest winners will receive prizes of Steam Gift Cards and Nexus Donation Points, with prizes for first and second place in each contest. Second place winners will receive $35 USD and 3000 Donation Points, and first place winners will take home a whopping $70 USD and 5000 Donation Points!

You can submit your entries at the following links. (These links are also pinned on Discord, in the Video Contest channel and the Writing Contest channel respectively.)

General Contest Rules:

  • Submissions will be accepted until 11:59pm PST on July 28th.
  • Participants must have a valid Steam account to receive Steam funds, and a valid Nexus account to receive Donation Points.
  • Submissions should be based on or inspired by a Wildlander gameplay experience.
  • Submissions should be roughly safe for work. (Typical Wildlander violence is okay, but no gratuitous gore or sexually explicit material.)
  • Wildlander Team members can submit entries, but are not eligible to win prizes.

Video Contest Rules:

  • Videos should showcase Wildlander in a roughly vanilla state. (It’s okay if you have a handful of non-standard mods, but submissions need to be recognizable as Wildlander.) 
  • Videos should be ~5 minutes long or less.
  • Videos must be hosted via a publicly viewable link.
  • You may submit up to three (3) videos. Each video must be submitted using a separate submission form.

Writing Contest Rules:

  • Stories must be submitted in English.
  • Stories should be ~3500 words or fewer.
  • You may submit up to three (3) stories. Each story must be submitted using a separate submission form.

And that's it for the contests! We're so excited to see what y'all will come up with. Feel free to post in the Discord channels or on the Subreddit if you have further questions, and happy creating!

Any News on the Next Wildlander Update?

Yes! While I can’t give you an exact timeline, as my highest priority is still job searching at the moment, Lizzy and I—and especially Lizzy—have worked behind the scenes on a huge bugfixing and quality of life update that we aim to release ASAP.

Once the update is ready for testing, we plan to release a public beta with an opt-in role on Discord. Keep an eye out for this announcement if you'd like to be a guinea pig—I mean, beta tester—so you can grab the beta as soon as it's ready for human consumption.

Until Next Time

That’s all for now! Thanks again for being the most amazing community a team could ever ask for, and we can’t wait to see all the awesome stuff y’all submit for the contests. Best of luck, and stay tuned for additional dastardly machinations!

With all our love,

-- Dylan and the Wildlander Team