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Experience the next generation of roleplaying and immersive simulation.
Wildlander is the ultimate fantasy life sim, built for Skyrim Special Edition,
and created by Resonant Games.

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A roleplaying experience unlike any other.

Wildlander is a free, auto-installable modpack for Skyrim that builds on Skyrim's foundation
to deliver an unprecedented fantasy roleplaying experience you won't find anywhere else.

The entire game has been rebuilt to create a truly living world, where you can be who you want, and do what you want, as your choices ripple out into infinite stories.

Wildlander combines its standalone features with over 500 mods and the Skyrim base game.
The result is a groundbreaking, infinitely replayable, and deeply rewarding experience
that evokes classic RPGs, while evolving the roleplaying and immersive sim genres.

Enter a living, breathing world.

The world of Wildlander is a complex web of simulation, where every choice reverberates out into a new story. Interact with intrepid adventurers wandering the roads.
Trade in localized economies with real market forces.
Make friends and enemies, and earn yourself a reputation.
Watch nature unfold as animals hunt for food, protect their territories, and hibernate in the winter. Make your choices, and watch the world react in unpredictable ways.

Survive the frigid wastes.

Wildlander's vision of Skyrim is both beautiful and brutal – a realistic simulation of life in a harsh, frozen northland.
Death is common when venturing beyond the city walls; only the strong, the clever, and the resolute will stay alive.
Combat is visceral and unforgiving, and one missed swing can mark the difference between life and death. The land itself will test your limits, and preparation is key to survival.

Be who you want; live as you like.

Earn a living as a humble carpenter in a cozy forest village. Strike out into the tundra and hunt for survival and profit. Hire mercenaries and travel the roads as a trading caravan. Plumb Skyrim's depths as a collector of forgotten treasures. Stalk the cities as a thieving vampire, preying from the dark.
Master the arcane as a studious wizard, cloistered away for weeks on end. The only limit is your imagination.

Unleash Skyrim's potential.

Wildlander elevates the award-winning Skyrim experience to even greater heights. Quests feature more depth, with new choices and alternate endings. Factions are expanded with more content, more benefits, and stricter requirements to join and advance. Settlements are more realistic in scale, with more people, more services, more activities, and more ways to interact with the townsfolk. Every part of the world is denser and more rewarding to experience and explore.