Dawnstar at night with a purple aurora.Alduin in the Kynesgrove mists.A Nord woman in the Falkreath forest.A line of pine trees in the Falkreath forest.A group of adventurers in Raven Rock.The Riften forest.An adventurer fighting a polar bear.A man reading by the campfire at sunset in Kynesgrove.A draugr stalking a Nordic tomb.The Markarth market.A hunter stalking the Riften forest.A dragon breathing fire on a snowy mountain.Riften's Temple of Mara at night.Krosis rising from his sarcophagus.The Morthal water mill.The White River outside Whiterun.A group of patrons at the Silver-Blood Inn.A hidden shack in the Riften forest.A Forsworn soldier in the Reach.Markath's Understone Keep.A bloodied cairn in the swamps of Morthal.